Personal Growth Through Sports

Yesterday I stood in front of 50 athletes and coaches and talked to them about their responsibility as students, athletes and leaders. I stressed the idea that sports have to be about more than the games being played.

When we reduce the lofty teaching potential of athletic participation to the score of the games, we have lost a chance for personal growth.

Athletes have the responsibility to show courage in their decision making. Leaders have to sometimes be like the eagle. The eagle does not flock with the crowd; it stands alone with pride. Athletes are under a microscope with others watching their every move, this means that they must move about with a high level of integrity.

They have the unique chance under public scrutiny to blend mind body and spirit with a unity of purpose like no other venue. We the public hold athletes to very high standards, and rightfully so. Applying the same standards to our personal lives will foster personal growth.

It will make us better individuals. Stronger individuals.


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3 Responses to “Personal Growth Through Sports”

  1. Reggie Greene/The Logistician Says:

    Great post Kevin. The thing that I have always loved about participation in sports was the concept of teamwork, which consists of placement of one’s personal desires and goals in a position subordinate to those of the team, and recognition of the individual’s responsibility to the team. Since I served in the military during the late 1960s and early 1970s, I also think that the military instills such values.

    It is comforting to know that institutions invite you to speak to our athletes in times like these. It is during the periods of discomfort and uncertainty that we humans have a tendency to think about our individual survival.

    Good work, as always.

  2. Carlos Perea Says:

    I agree with you that sports is a wonderful way to grow as a person in every aspect. It incites respect, tolerance, support, and many other essential factors that make up well balanced individuals.
    I hope you were able to touch those who listened to you. Maybe in that way society starts changing from the ground up…from the individual up.

  3. Usiku Says:

    Sports do offer unique opportunities to improve personally. Each sport has a set of fundamentals that are necessary to success in that sport. So does life.

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