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May 4, 2009

I just finished helping a teacher/coach client of mine with an incredibly tough task. I had to help him write a eulogy he will deliver tomorrow for one of his players. A player I knew well. We both cried as we talked about the “why’s” of tragedies such as these. An 18 year old killed in a car while driving after having too much to drink; driving too fast and without a seat belt. These last two days have prompted me to reflect on our educational system’s misplaced priorities.

I lament about the possibilities of this young man if the Life Success program that I conducted in his school had not been cut from the budget; he would have been enrolled in that program. Is it more important that we make sure our students “test” well in science and math so we can keep up with the world while not making it a priority to teach the proper life skills? We live in a fast paced society and young people need to be equipped with the proper decision making skills to keep up with the monumental amount of life altering decisions they make on a daily basis.

Today, I cannot help but think that this young man would be alive today if my progressive program for working with young people had not been cut. However, I will not dwell on it because it would be a waste of time and energy.

I am optimistic that teaching Life Success will be a priority in schools all across the nation in the near future. I intend to be a catalyst for that occurring. As I finish writing this tonight and head out to the wake to say goodbye to this young man I am sad. Tomorrow I will be more determined than ever to initiate change.


Values & Priorities

October 23, 2008

Most people are not clear on what is truly important to them. Because almost every life decision is guided by our values, it is imperative to identify them. Your personal power, self-esteem, and ability to build a strong personal foundation are derived from having your life values and life actions in alignment.

When you identify your core values and begin to live by them, you can reach the deepest level of personal fulfillment. There is a tremendous power in living your life by your highest ideals. Inner peace, long range happiness, and a sense of certain direction are all results of knowing what is important in your life.

In case you are not entirely sure as to what your core values are, here are a few questions that could help you identify them:

1) What are the most important things in your life?

2) In what ways is your decision-making process affected by your values?

3) What do you think your values need to be in order to create the personal empowerment you need to reach your ultimate goals in life?

4) Whom do you admire and what values do they exemplify?

Being able to answer those questions will enable you to make decisions that are a better reflection of who you are.