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The Power of Angels

January 7, 2011

Once again I had another topic in mind but my mom landed in the hospital again and I wanted to share that experience with you all. After I got the call that my 88 year old mom was rushed to the hospital again I got in the car and started the 2 hour drive to visit her in the hospital. She had just spent time at Dover General Hospital last week so I headed there. My brother Dennis called and told me that there was no room at Dover General so they they transported her to St. Claire’s Hospital. I said ok and headed there instead.

As I drove up the New Jersey Turnpike blasting a live CD version of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here tears started streaming down my face. At one point I considered pulling over because the tears were flooding and blurring my vision. Just then I felt a shiver down my spine and felt the spiritual presence of having company in the car with me. Just a feeling, nothing visual.

My tears stopped and I just stayed present in the moment feeling this presence. The number 50 kept popping into my mind. I turned the CD a little louder as the song Comfortably Numb came on. As I was listening and driving the number 50 remained in my consciousness. Then it hit me and I turned the CD off.

What I was feeling was the Spiritual Energy of my Angelic little sister Regina. Of course my mother had to be deferred to St. Claires. Of course it appeared that there was no room at the Inn,i.e. Dover General. It then occurred to me that 50 years ago this month my sister Regina passed away at St. Claire’s Hospital. My parents were unable to get to the hospital in time to say goodbye and little Regina passed to the other side alone. In fact, my mom did not go to the hospital at all, she broke down and could not bring herself to go. My father went to the hospital alone. He held my little baby sister of 18 months and siad goodbye for both of them.

So The Power of This Little Angel Regina brought my mom to St. Claire. When I arrived at the hospital I went to the front desk and said I am here to visit my mom, Hilda Touhey. They looked at the screen and said we are sorry she has been admitted to Dover General and she is in room 420. The two hospitals are owned by the same company and share information with each other. I said no she is here. The women then called the emergency room and found my mom there.

My brother Tim had gone to Dover General and got the same information that my mom was there but she was not in her room yet. Eventually they came and told him,for some reason we have her booked here but she seems to be in the emergency room at St. Claire’s.

And so it is this Little Angel has her mom in the hospital with her 50 years after she left earth. To watch over her, to be sure she gets the best care. I do not know what is going to happen with my mom. She has just recieved her third transfusion and the doctors are not sure what is going on. Whatever happens I know she is in good hands in the spiritual world. She has Regina Margaret Touhey watching over her.


My Mom’s Gift, What is Really Important

January 2, 2011

I had another topic in mind to get my Blog up and running again in the first days of 2011.Then my 88 year old mom ended up in the hospital and I decided to write about that experience instead. My mother has such incredible faith, strength and fortitiude that I was humbled just being with her in the hospital. She had a goal in mind. That being to get out of the hospital and to get home. Her mind-body and spirit were focused on that singular outcome. However the spiritual gift she was about to bestow on me was huge. As she sat up in bed I rubbed her back she said, “oh that feels good” I told her I loved her and admired her.

She had raised 9 children and put one child to eternal rest, her dear daughter Regina. She did her best to raise us in spite of the fact that my dad could not hold a job and that he suffered with alcoholism. As I watched her sleep thoughts and feelings about the deep faith she must have had in God flooded my being. I t took faith to get through the ordeal of trying to feed us, being evicted from 9 dwellings for not paying the rent, trying to control, the best she knew how, the threat of violence that existed in our home. I had this sense of what God really wants us to learn with this earthly experience in the most profound manner possible. I felt this comforting spirit overcome my being, this peaceful state of stillness and inner quite.

My mother was conducting a church service for me while I sat with her watching her sleep. Through this seemingly negative situation, of her being in the hospital, the Holy Spirit was paying a visit to the inner workings of my soul. A message penetrating the trival nature of my mundane thoughts about my life and what I am facing. The only altar my mom needed for this church service was the hospital bed and the comfort of her own nightwear that my sister brought her from home. My pew for the service was a rather uncomfortable chair, well from what I remember of church pews, I guess the chair was soft as a pillow. As she delivered her silent sermom, her gift was recieved by my being, my heart, my soul my spirtual center. I felt an angelic voice ask me “What is really important Kevin? Is what troubles you really worth the time you are giving it? Does it take away energy away from what you are here on earth to do, to use your God given gifts to provide inspiration for others? Do you really think all of this wordly stuff is truly hard?” I felt this shiver run down my spine as I recieved the following message ” Here lies your mother, a testimony to What is Really Important” Here in this singular moment with my mom, as she slept, a peace came over me. Church was over as she opened her eyes and smiled at her me,her oldest son,and closed her eyes again.

I was then joined by my brothers Brian and Dennis, “the older boys” as we are refered to,there are 3 “younger boys” also. The church lesson had been recieved, in this singular moment my mothers work of making sure we understood that our love for each other is What is Really Important. The comfort I felt while the three of us talked and laughed together is hard to describe. It occured to me that mom’s hospital stay was orchestrated by the heavens. I needed to attend church with mom and my two brothers to drive home the spirtual lesson of What is Really Important. When mom awoke and sat up my brother Brian asked her, “Mom, what is is like to have your three oldest son’s with you” She responded with a smile “It is like heaven”

In life Our Spiritual Relationships each other is What is Really Important. Each and every interaction and situation with others that we find ourselves in is an opportuntiy to grow in our own spirituality.The only reason, on this level of being, that we have interactions is the opportunity to grow in our own spirituality.Thanks for the gift Mom, I love you.