Goals & Self-Sabotage – Your Inner Voice

When I conduct workshops, participants often ask me to help them set goals. I usually suggest that they write about the things they may be doing that inadvertently prevent their goals from being realized. In other words, what are the internal messages that are impeding their progress?

When I was writing my first book, The Miracle of Optimism, I monitored the inner voice that was speaking to me when I had a case of the proverbial “writers block.” What I discovered was that the block simply was internal sabotage. I was telling myself things like “I do not have time to sit and write a book” or “How will I ever find a publisher?”. Another recurring internal message was “you are stupid, remember most of your teachers told you that!”

I had to get rid of this self-sabotage mechanism.

I started writing affirmations to support my goals. I found this to be a powerful method to release some of the negative thoughts and feeling states. I would write statements that made me feel like a powerful bestselling author: things such as “The Miracle of Optimism is finished, published and sold!”

I wrote an affirming statement for every goal I set and the bookended up becoming a bestseller on Amazon.com. That is a tribute to the power of affirmations in support of a stated goal.

If it worked for me it can surely work for you.

What is your inner voice saying?


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One Response to “Goals & Self-Sabotage – Your Inner Voice”

  1. Reggie Greene / The Logistician Says:

    One of my favorite phrases from literature has always been, “Above all, to thine own self be true.”

    I often suggest to people that they delude themselves for pragmatic or functional reasons, but that eliminating the delusion or denial ensures a greater probability of success.

    I wrote a blog post (No. 94) in mid-March entitled, “Rarely Does a Man Love His True Self,” shortly after hearing that phrase for the first time. I’ve thought about it alot since then. The phrase was initially troubling to me. Then after thinking about it further, I realized that it is a good state of mind not to always love one’s true self, since then you are able to improve on your life and interaction with others.

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