Appreciating Parenthood

It is very important for parents to understand that parenting does not always reveal immediate results. Our children often immediately reject the lessons we strive to teach them. The key is to focus on the quality of the process and not attach ourselves to the outcome.

It can take children of all ages a while to understand the benefits of good parenting. A sure fire pathway to stressful living is to measure your success as a parent solely on whether or not your children are getting it.

Additionally, it is imperative that parents ritualize silence and reflection. In other words, setting a time and a place to stay quiet, breathe deeply and internalize appreciation for our children and ourselves. Intentional appreciation is a powerful bio-spiritual tool for restoring energy, and having an optimistic outlook on life and parenthood.

We must enjoy the journey because it is the destination in and of itself.

Have a great weekend!


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2 Responses to “Appreciating Parenthood”

  1. JNez Says:

    this is sound advice offered here. i find myself wondering if i’m doing quality parenting & develop anxiety that i may not be. it helps to understand that it’s far too early for me to determine that. parenting is a long-range journey and like you suggested, i’ll refrain from looking ahead to the outcome and just enjoy the process. fatherhood is the most important role in my life & i value the input of those who feel similarly. great post!

  2. Irene Says:

    This is an important message for all parents. These lessons don’t seem as apparent early on as they are when our children are own their own making their own choices. Seeing them grow into happy adults is an important milestone as the roles are changing, but the journey continues.

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