Giving & Receiving

Receiving has always been difficult for me. I feel like I must “do” something to earn the right to receive anything from anyone.

I am in a giving profession and I personally give a lot of myself to others. I am not in the habit of receiving unconditionally. Nevertheless, one thing I am beginning to realize is that giving is a way to keep receiving. When offered an unencumbered gift, I must possess a deep rooted measure of self worth in order to be comfortable with accepting said gift.

It really is all about feeling worthy. I don’t think I am 100% there yet. A lifetime flurry of giving has blocked the receiving for me up until now. But now I feel ready to be tested and receive without condition.

Not that I will stop giving but I am in a receiving mood, how about you?


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One Response to “Giving & Receiving”

  1. Shamelle @ Says:

    I can related to what you’ve mentioned here.

    To a certain extent its linked with emotional generosity. We can only wish that more people were like that!

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