Dream and Imagine

Do not be afraid to dream. To imagine. Respect the power of creating. Know anything is possible.

As a young person growing up in abject poverty, I had a ritual every night before I went to sleep: put my head on the window sill in my bedroom and gaze out into the darkness. I would imagine having all the food I could eat, my father getting a job and actually keeping it for more than a week or two. I also pictured myself as a college basketball coach.

All of these dreams came to fruition.

While speaking at a meeting for Fox Entertainment, I inspired them to see things not as they seem, but to find the window sill in their lives and dream a better future. I urged them to appreciate the magic of everyday miracles. Pay more attention to them. Value them. Enjoy the adventure of living life to its fullest. Lessen the focus on end results and focus on the journey: the real pearl of optimistic living.

Strive to feel real joy in your life. How? Stop accumulating stress. How do you stop accumulating stress? Realize that optimism is an “inside’ job. Let go of external conditions and circumstance. Change on the inside first, and then the conditions and circumstances will look different on the outside.

Recognize the difference between excellence and success. Excellence is a total integration of mind, body and spirit. Nothing can rob you of that; whether you succeed or not. Success is often subject to changing conditions and circumstances you can’t control. Effort is not.

Just Dream, Imagine and Do.


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3 Responses to “Dream and Imagine”

  1. Reggie Greene / The Logistician Says:

    Good to see you back Kevin. It’s been a while.

    I just spent quite a bit of time earlier this month with poor people who are absolutely disillusioned about their prospects for the future. For them, there is no future. I came away feeling that curiosity is essential, and that people have to be able to leap beyond their current space, environment, thoughts, and predicament, to “move on.”

    This appears to be consistent with your message here. Why dwell in negativity and the “here and now?” It’s not only suffocating, it’s unnecessary.

  2. kevintouhey Says:

    Absolutely Reggie. Thanks for staying tuned to the blog!

  3. Tips to Help From Smudged Nails | Pretty Girly Nails Says:

    […] Dream as well as Imagine « Kevin Touhey’s Blog […]

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