Self-Help Panel – Why & How We Do It

Catch me Wednesday evening on The Miracle Show where I will premiere my self-help round-table series: Why & How We Do It. I decided to organize this panel because as I was writing my book, The Miracle of Optimism, I came across numerous other individuals, whom like myself, are dedicating their lives to making other people’s lives better. They are dedicating their time to teaching us how to handle the lemons life throws at us. They genuinely want us to embrace and take full advantage of the opportunities life presents us with.

I want to discuss what drives them. I want to understand how their journey on this path started and most importantly, what differentiates them from the others in this field. Because, as I am sure you have realized, there is a lot of clutter. This show will help these professionals break through it and let you, the audience, understand what they can do for you. It will help you understand what they bring to the self-help table.

The first episode will feature Laurie Santos of Extreme Dream Training, Thomas Rich of Wellness-Inspired Self Help and The Logistician Reggie Greene.

I hope you’ll tune in tomorrow, Wednesday February 4th at 7:30 EST. The call in number is (347) 945-7713, I’d love to hear your questions and comments.

“See” you tomorrow!


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One Response to “Self-Help Panel – Why & How We Do It”

  1. Reggie Greene / The Logistician Says:

    I’m really looking forward to later today Kevin. I’m in the process of informing my contacts, who are enthusiastic about hearing what we have to say, particularly during these economic times.

    The stress which accompanies a weak economy, particuarly uncertainty in the work place, can create tension at home. We have to be alert to the existence of stressors in our lives, and take steps, AHEAD OF TIME, to ensure that they do not negatively impact our relationships with those who we love and value. A short period of stress can potentially negatively impact a lifetime of positive interaction.

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