Ritualize Positive Thinking

A belief is nothing more than a thought that occurs numerous times. That thought then becomes what a person believes to be a truth.

A great tool for optimistic living is to train yourself to think different thoughts over and over again.  Set up a ritual to be silent, and bring to your mind positive thoughts about  situations that seem to be challenging. Think and FEEL the positive resolution.

Do it repeatedly. Make it a habit.

Thinking and feeling positively will formulate a different set of beliefs about those challenging situations. Go ahead, try it.

I dare you.


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4 Responses to “Ritualize Positive Thinking”

  1. Reggie Greene/TheLogistician Says:

    Piggy-backing on your concept Kevin, when one takes full responsibility for all that occurs within his or her realm, and does not consider oneself to be a victim, then the resultant realization is that one has options. Options, also referred to as the ability to decide amongst various paths of conduct, are the most powerful arrows in one’s personal quiver. One need simply select those arrows which advance one’s interests in a positive manner and direction, thus allowing one to continually feel positive about the world about them.

  2. kevintouhey Says:

    Exactly, you hit the nail right on its head when you mentioned taking “full responsibility”. That’s where it all starts.

  3. Reggie Greene/TheLogistician Says:

    When I lived in Los Angeles, I lived in Westwood and worked in Century City, Westwood, or Brentwood. It was not difficult to maintain an optimistic attitude in those parts of town. On the other hand, I lived downtown for a brief period when I had an office there, and the environment presented different challenges, as reflected in the attitude of the residents there. Now that I have returned to North Carolina, I also see a different attitude here, depending on the socio-economic area in which people live and work.

    Thinking about this further today, I realized that it takes a different effort, and a different approach to ritualize the sought after behavior and resultant attitude in different environments, and yet we must always keep our eye on the prize.

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