Creative Problem Solving

It’s a new week. Whether you’ll be spending most of it at work, school or home, new challenges are just around the corner. Running away from them does not help. Stressing over them won’t do you any good either. The good news is that there is a right way to handle them.

It’s all about perception.

When you combine positive thinking, creative enthusiasm and optimism with the proper perspective, there are few challenges that can’t be resolved.

When we cultivate an attitude of turning every stumbling block into a stepping stone or making every breakdown an opportunity for a breakthrough, we learn that problems are temporary. Very few problems need to be permanent. Your own attitude will determine this.

Here’s a great question to ask yourself when you perceive a challenging situation: Can I really do anything about the problem? Is it worth the effort or is it just an emotional reaction?

Getting those answers allow us to look at the big picture. They allow us to grow.


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3 Responses to “Creative Problem Solving”

  1. Dr. Rus Jeffrey Says:

    Great post Kevin!

    I did a post this morning about “Anxiety and Shopping” and finished the post off with some suggestions on how to stay positive. Then, later on my Live Line talk show I interviewed Mike Robbins. He’s the author of “Focus of the Good Stuff.” This is actually the second time I’ve had him on my talk show. He’s great, and always positive!

    Keep up the great work!
    Dr. Rus

  2. Gi Says:

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment.
    Great post by the way.

  3. surya2cents Says:

    Nice post. It is so important that we hang in there. If we let go when we face a stumbling block, surely nothing is gonna happen. So we might as well hang in there and see what happens 😀

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