Live Life On Purpose

Yesterday I spoke at a long term care facility in Philly. I was interacting with care-givers, nurses and administrators. The main topic of conversation or question we were addressing was, ‘how do you maintain enthusiasm and optimism when dealing with sick people?’ There are inevitable stresses that come when working in such an environment; in spite of that, there are ways to effectively handle them. Anticipation is the key.

One of the points I made was that instead of starting the day with ‘to do lists’, it was more effective to begin them with ‘to feel lists’. It is important to spend some time before work setting the tone for how we are going to feel during the day. Being able to anticipate or launch pre-emptive strikes against upcoming challenges is crucial.

Such preparation allows us to decide and dictate how we are going to feel, it puts us in control. Letting workplace highs and lows determine our emotional state is unhealthy for the mind, body and spirit. We must have dominion over our feelings.

We must make a choice to live life on purpose and not by accident.

We must make a choice to be happy.


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One Response to “Live Life On Purpose”

  1. Kaitlin Says:

    As someone who works with you, it’s almost impossible not to start viewing the world this way. I live off of To Do lists at work, but I always try to remind myself of the bigger picture as well. Keep up the great blog posts – they really help me start my day off the right way and keep a positive outlook. Thank you!

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