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A Positive Belief System

November 24, 2008

Happy Monday folks! I hope you’re starting your week on the right foot. I hope you’ve planned to feel good and do great today.

It is impossible to live a vibrant, happy life without developing an optimistic belief about what is possible for you in your life. What you believe about yourself can lead to either a life filled with joy and happiness or a life striving to overcome erroneous perceptions of personal weaknesses.

Every person has the power to develop a positive belief system, no matter what others have taught you to the contrary. You can develop a more empowering system of beliefs that will embolden you to expect a life filled with all the abundance you desire.

You can use this positive belief system to break the shackles of disempowering messages you have received about who you are. You can then develop feelings about yourself that propel you to take actions that assure your happiness. If you have beliefs that are holding you back, it is time to question the validity of those beliefs.

That time is now.

Have  a GREAT Monday.


Appreciation and Gratitude

November 21, 2008

It’s Friday. The end of the workweek (or school week) for most of us. After going through another week filled with a seemingly interminable list of challenges, it seemed like Friday couldn’t come fast enough. Well, here it is. Now it’s time to be grateful and appreciative.Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Appreciation combines thankfulness, admiration and gratitude. Scientists have discovered that appreciation is one of the easiest and most powerful positive feelings to activate. When an individual taps into the positive feelings of appreciation, he allows himself the chance  to see the big picture. This is true even in stressful moments.

Each person has the ability to reach the highest level of his or her potential when connected to more positive, heartfelt states like appreciation and gratitude. Activating appreciation and gratitude allows you to be totally focused, maintaining high levels of energy.

Appreciation is a super-power tool for your own growth Appreciating what is, rather than focusing on and complaining about what isn’t, helps you make peace in the moment. Appreciation is also one of the easiest heart frequencies to shift into. You’ll feel the difference fast.

I told you your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Creating High Personal Standards

November 19, 2008

Boundaries and standards work hand in hand. Personal growth is really inhibited without high standards and strong boundaries. Boundaries protect you from other people’s behaviors. Standards are behaviors and actions to which you hold yourself.

It is important to understand that boundaries are a tool to keep people and situations at a reasonable distance emotionally so that they don’t drain your energy. When you establish strong boundaries, fear diminishes and you are able to trust on a deeper level.

By setting boundaries, you are telling others how you want to be treated. More often than not, these actions and attitudes increase the level of respect you get from others. By knowing what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behavior toward you, others will naturally treat you with more respect.

Setting high personal standards is a way of living that keeps you from living according to the whims, beliefs, and goals of others and of society. Standards are a statement about who you are and how you behave.

With that said, what are your boundaries? What are your standards?

Creative Problem Solving

November 17, 2008

It’s a new week. Whether you’ll be spending most of it at work, school or home, new challenges are just around the corner. Running away from them does not help. Stressing over them won’t do you any good either. The good news is that there is a right way to handle them.

It’s all about perception.

When you combine positive thinking, creative enthusiasm and optimism with the proper perspective, there are few challenges that can’t be resolved.

When we cultivate an attitude of turning every stumbling block into a stepping stone or making every breakdown an opportunity for a breakthrough, we learn that problems are temporary. Very few problems need to be permanent. Your own attitude will determine this.

Here’s a great question to ask yourself when you perceive a challenging situation: Can I really do anything about the problem? Is it worth the effort or is it just an emotional reaction?

Getting those answers allow us to look at the big picture. They allow us to grow.

The Burden of Expectations

November 14, 2008

Expectations are a heavy burden to carry. The more we expect out of something or someone, the higher our chances of disappointment become.

Nobody likes disappointment. A way to avoid it is to shift our mentality from that of having expectations to one of looking for possibilities.

Possibilities are open-ended and lead to more opportunities; whereas expectations are met/satisfied or not. With nothing in between, no gray area. They’re a heavy burden to carry because having them always leaves room for disappointment, sadness and/or heartbreak.

Looking for possibilities instead of having expectations allows us to adjust our goals and maintain a positive outlook on what the future holds.

It allows us to look at life in an entirely different way: If great things happen, it’s wonderful; but if our interactions and work don’t bring immediate rewards, everything is fine regardless because the possibility of reaping them down the road is still there.

Doesn’t this mentality make life much more enjoyable? Much less stressful?

Have a beautiful weekend!

Live Life On Purpose

November 12, 2008

Yesterday I spoke at a long term care facility in Philly. I was interacting with care-givers, nurses and administrators. The main topic of conversation or question we were addressing was, ‘how do you maintain enthusiasm and optimism when dealing with sick people?’ There are inevitable stresses that come when working in such an environment; in spite of that, there are ways to effectively handle them. Anticipation is the key.

One of the points I made was that instead of starting the day with ‘to do lists’, it was more effective to begin them with ‘to feel lists’. It is important to spend some time before work setting the tone for how we are going to feel during the day. Being able to anticipate or launch pre-emptive strikes against upcoming challenges is crucial.

Such preparation allows us to decide and dictate how we are going to feel, it puts us in control. Letting workplace highs and lows determine our emotional state is unhealthy for the mind, body and spirit. We must have dominion over our feelings.

We must make a choice to live life on purpose and not by accident.

We must make a choice to be happy.

Personal Empowerment: Success vs. Excellence

November 11, 2008

Living your values creates personal power. Having a philosophy and taking actions based on this philosophy provides you with a sense of certainty, an inner peace and a powerful inner strength. It is important to set goals that are reflective of your true values. If you are setting and achieving goals that are not based on what you really want to accomplish in life, you may feel unfulfilled.

Success is a tangible measurement of results based on the actions you have taken. Excellence is more about the inner workings of your spirit as you travel on the road toward a successful outcome. It is the process or journey of getting there. Excellence is about the day-to-day, minute-to-minute passion of your life’s direction. The end result of a journey full of values based on excellence will reflect love, contribution, peace and serenity. These attributes will provide the basis for true joy while you travel on the road to success. Money, success, career and all the other tangible benefits have a deeper meaning when you are attached to excellence.

True value clarification makes your actions more meaningful and rewarding. True fulfillment and enrichment comes with your right actions based on excellence values. It is common for people to achieve their “success” goals and then wonder, “is this it? Is this all there is?”

It doesn’t have to be.


November 7, 2008

There’s no standing still in life. You’re either progressing or regressing. Viewing every circumstance and situation as an opportunity for personal growth, will lead to living the optimistic life of your dreams.

It will lead to progress.

In fact, remaining optimistic through good and bad times will lead to tremendous personal growth. Such an outlook brings about a confidence that every hurdle can be jumped and it will always lead to an integration of mind, body & spirit.

More progress.

When this switch in perspective takes place, your life will change to something beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you ready for progress?

A Better Future

November 6, 2008

October was a very interesting month. Pessimistic sentiments and optimistic hopes were present in the various venues where I gave speeches and performed workshops.

I spoke in front of 3500 potential college bound students and their families at Kean University and sensed the young people’s enthusiasm.  In spite of increasing college costs and a soft job market, it was refreshing to see the “anything is possible” look in the students’ eyes. They were truly excited about the possibilities that lie in the future.

Conversely,  in the corporate world I found that many employees were overtaken by feelings of uncertainty. My message to them was that keeping an optimistic view about what is possible is even more important in these challenging times. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Knowing that makes the journey more enriching.

What do you think?

The Science of Happiness

November 3, 2008

The Institute of HeartMath research shows that the ‘stress’ hormone, cortisol, is released from the same glands as the ‘feel good’ hormone, DHEA.

We may have been trained to think that it is normal to have negative feelings about the challenges we face in life, but feelings of gratitude and appreciation are a more natural state of being. The well-being of the mind, body and spirit is profoundly enhanced when we are in an optimistic state of mind.

In her book, 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life,  Diane Harmony writes “when we are truly expressing appreciation for someone or something, there is a feeling that radiates from us that has its origins in our heart. The phrase ‘heartfelt thanks’ best describes the energy associated with authentic acts of gratitude which bring even more gifts.”

This is compound appreciation. It creates a very positive energy field all around us and others in our presence.

Start planting the seeds in your positive energy field today!