Your Life’s Vision

Most people think that having a vision is about the future. However, to truly make your vision powerful, it is important to bring the feeling state you desire for it, into the present. Present-day life planning is much more focused when it is a natural extension of our vision of the future. This is especially true when you are able to access the feeling state that the future can provide, right here, right now.

Let your vision fly; do not block its path with limitations based on past experience.

When you have a clear vision for your career path, relationships, family and community, it is easier to develop a day-to-day life plan. It is important to step “out of the box” of your present circumstance when envisioning your future.

Visioning is about creating a new, fresh reality. The sky is the limit. You do not need to fixate on one single vision. Play with it and have fun. Your vision and life plan will evolve and become an absolute reality if you live in the present moment.

Start today.

Have a great Monday!


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