The Glass is Half-Full

Life is about choices. Some are more important than others, but they all play a role in shaping us.

We choose to act one way or another. We choose to treat people the right way or not, and most importantly, we choose to think positively or negatively. Our perception affects how we act which in turn affects how we feel. The power to feel good and do great lies in our minds.

I gave a workshop this past Friday about looking at life through optimistic lenses. It always amazes me how so many of us truly want to achieve a “glass is half-full” state of mind. A lot of people genuinely hope to think better thoughts on a regular basis, but they just don’t think it could be possible. They feel that reality will ultimately burst their optimistic bubble and bring an abrupt end to their positive outlook.

The thing is, the bubble will only burst if you let it.

It is within everyone’s reach to make the decision to feel good. Period. It is a choice after all. So make the right choice for yourself right now.


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