Happy Monday!

Good afternoon everybody. I hope everyone had a great weekend during which work-week stresses were cast aside and quality time was spent with loved ones. In these troubling social, political and economic times, it is important to have strong support systems where worries can be shared, and spiritual/emotional batteries recharged.

Negative energy tends to accumulate during the week, this can sometimes be an inevitable by-product of living in society. Nevertheless we must NEVER let them carry-over to the weekend.Those two days must be your “happy time”.

When spending a weekend in your “happy space” (both mental and physical), you are able to create a distance between yourself and the challenges from the past week, along with those of the upcoming one. This distance is important as it preserves your sanity and allows you to be sharper when the Monday morning alarm starts ringing.

With that said, I hope you have a great week, keep a smile on your faces and approach every challenge and battle with the conviction that you’ll come out on top.

To share is to care, so please, do share some wisdom on how you try to start your week on the right foot.




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